The San Juan/Barataria Rythmn Section
Our Heart Beat!

“Majestic Sound System”
our ole school soca truck

Two 40Ft Trailers
Pumping out your favorite Carnival and J’ouvert Hits.

You choose your vibe!

Premium Bar

We offer a Premium Range of Drinks from Scotch, Vodka, Local Rum and Carib Beer.

Cafe Patron Shots will be served all night long.


All inclusive package!


Increased our security presence and will rope off the band from the first music truck to the last Truck.

Feel free to move from the front of the band to the back with your friends once you have your band ID

During the Pre Party we are roping off the Music and Bar trucks. We are leaving the front and sides free for those who want to party with the Rythmn section on the open road.


Everything is included!
Bar | Food | Water Trucks
Mud | Our Signature Abir


‘light eats’ when we return from the road

Yours to choose on the road!

  • For this J’ouvert each music truck will carry its own DJ ...mixing his own distinctive set, giving you four sound stations on the road.
  • Choose your vibe and jump where you want!
  • The San Juan/Barataria Rhythm Band - Our Heart Beat!
  • “Majestic Sound System” - Our ole school soca truck
  • One 30ft trailer with DJ accompanied by the Rhythm makers, “BoomboomRoom"
  • One 40ft trailer Pumping out your favorite Carnival and J’ouvert hits.

Drinks will be flowing!

  • We will provide masqueraders with two 40ft Bar Trucks.
  • These new additions to the CLAY layout will feature a low rider trailer design (no more stretching for drinks)
  • with 20 bartenders on each trailer (10 on each side) serving the full range of our drinks selection.
  • For patrons having beer or water we provide a 10 ton truck for easy access.

Your safety is of utmost importance

  • This year for the comfort and safety of our masqueraders we are utilizing ropes throughout the length of the band  while leaving the front free
  • for those who want to party with the Rhythm section on the open road.
  • Feel free to move from the front to the back of the band with your friends once you have your CLAY band ID
Our Network.

The people that bring CLAY to you

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Clyne Rodriguez683-4736
Giorgio (Gio) Gonzales743-2197
Jade Boland768-4360
Jared Coolkut735-0985
Jodi Cabral784-7742
Kareem Jack313-2659
Keston Jack350-0514
Kimoy Attong374-0911
Kitty Hibben337-3646
krystal khan678-5797
Louis Thomas714-8988
Mark Wilson354-2233


Nakita Clarke701-9793
Natasha Thompson - McLachlan682-5588
Niall Dalton Brown687-1461
Racene Persad372-0440
Robert Dumas
Rudy Ramkisson287-3400
Sam Claverie749-7319
Sam Sin323-2438
Sarekha Silva280-5775
Sashi Pooran360-6699
Shawn Jagmohan312-7862
Simon White798-5999
Sonia Cabral489-9498
Stephen Wilson686-4865
Vishal Bissessar359-8732
CLAY BOX OFFICE (868) 316-2266
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CLAY Office

2 Warren Street


Telephone : 868 316 2266

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