Grounded in Tradition | Evolving with Innovation | Original Mud Mas J’ouvert Vibe  

    CLAY J’ouvert (est. 2013) is an independent entertainment brand that produces original high quality events, with the flagship presentation being J’ouvert.  Clay J’ouvert is a traditional mud mas band in Trinidad Carnival which began in the Woodbrook area which is known for its deep rooted history within all things carnival. 

    CLAY celebrates the roots of J’ouvert and Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural diversity by offering our audience an authentic and fully immersive J’ouvert experience. Our expressive and energetic production has become a favourite with masqueraders who seek that classic Trinidad J’ouvert experience, but with the innovation and amenities of modern carnival.  Our aim is to ensure the comfort and security of our masqueraders while immersing them in the origins and traditions of J’ouvert.  It’s this EVOLUTION of a hybrid J’ouvert which combines the best of the old time traditions with the progress and the perks of todays carnival that not just maintains our popularity and success, but cements our credibility to our masqueraders, partnership network, and our valued and appreciated sponsors. 



    Clay J’ouvert | The Evolution of J’ouvert | The J’ouvert Experience 

    We attribute the success of CLAY to our people, our clientele, our partners and of course the brand’s ability to evolve.  The ability to offer a highly spirited and safe road experience for the carnival period and fetes that harness the unique character and style that is Trinidad and Tobago is reflected throughout the brand identity.


    We have combined the core elements of J’ouvert with fresh innovations and added some NEW PRODUCTION to ADD to YOUR ROAD EXPERIENCE together with our beautiful signature abir that complements our mud mas and which heightens our vibe… 

    Clay J'ouvert | The Evolution of J’ouvert.


    CLAY’s presentation includes a powerful 16 piece manned rhythm section complete with spear drums, iron, congos, timbaletas and more.  We also include in our caravan two State of the Art 40 foot music trucks and our original “Ole Skool” Soca truck “Majestic Sounds” which magnifies all the very best music that our sweet Carnival has produced over the years.  We close off our caravan convoy with a medic van, a rest shuttle and a facilities trailer which is manned with valets and 4 dedicated security personel.  

    Our MUSIC and RHYTHM is the Heartbeat of Clay. This year we have a Biggest and Best selection of Radio and Party DJ’s to keep the Vibes Up and have you dancing until we return to our Classic Washdown. Our line up includes: Arelon D Artman, Alicia D Duchess, The Artiste Team, DJ Tech and DJ Red with a few surprise sets from Trinibago’s finest. Look out for some special Artiste Appearances on the Road this Year to ensure that our Celebration of Sunrise is like no other!

    This year we recognise that your sense of SECURITY is of paramount importance. We have increased our SECURITY setup to include:
    • A totally roped off band
    • Extraction Teams on either side of each section
    • Security around all of our vehicles
    • Specialized Response Teams to deal with any serious incidents
    • A trained Medic Team
    Our Band is lead by a Team of Highly trained former and current National Security Members who will take charge of the band once we get on the road. We have refined our routes to include a fresh starting point which will allow us to see another side of Port of Spain and save us from the congestion that has become all too common in J’ouvert.

    Our BARS have been tweaked to include not only two 40 foot Bar Trailers but you can look out for our ‘Roving Bartenders” that will serve you and your friends from within the Band. Our New drink system of letting us know what you are drinking in advance, will allow us to streamline your BAR SERVICE Experience and keep you Chipping and Sipping. Look out for our Smaller Shots Truck that will serve Beer, Shots and Water for those of you who don’t want to partake in the Spirits this year. You can get ANY DRINK from ANY BAR throughout J’ouvert.


     The CLAY brand also produces and hosts other innovative events , including CLAY AFTERLIGHT, fondly referred to as the premium of premiums by patrons, the ever popular fan- favourite CLAY BLOCKO which is everybodys favourite backyard styled jam, complete with décor to really take you back, and finally our newest addition to our line up, The CLAY BLOCKO CARNIVAL COOLER FETE.  Launched in 2018, this was called “Clay Blocko Wednesday and is set to be come the staple of every Carnival Wednesday.”


    Clay BLOCKO CARNIVAL COOLER takes the essence of our established and popular BLOCKO and added a carnival twist.  The all star ensemble dj line up and performances by some of our top soca stars, as well as some of the legends from yesteryear is part of the reason the term “Blocko Wednesday” was coined and why this cooler fete is fast tracked to become a carnival season favorite. 

    This Year promises to be a RAG STORM with Super Blue leading our Soca Artiste Line up.  Look out for more Artistes being announced closer to the Event. 

    As a Special “Thank You” to our loyal Masqueraders – we are including our CLAY BLOCKO CARNIVAL COOLER ticket to the first 500 ticket purchases. Yes that’s right YOUR TICKET is INCLUDED in your J’OUVERT PURCHASE! 

    Please speak to a Network Member or Purchase online at

    See you at the CLAY BLOCKO CARNIVAL COOLER and On The Road! 

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