The CLAY brand also produces and hosts other innovative events , including CLAY AFTERLIGHT, fondly referred to as the premium of premiums by patrons, the ever popular fan- favourite CLAY BLOCKO which is everybodys favourite backyard styled jam, complete with décor to really take you back, and finally our newest addition to our line up, The CLAY BLOCKO CARNIVAL COOLER FETE.  Launched in 2018 and is set to become the staple of every Carnival Wednesday.


    This year we introduced another Signature Event to our Brand. THE LAUNCH signalled the start of our build up to J’ouvert. December 1st at the Queens Park Savannah we gave you all the elements of J’ouvert for that last Jam of the year. 

    • Our Road DJ’s, Majestic Sounds, Music and BAR Trucks, Mud : Colour : Water
    • We got Blessed by Iwer
    • Olatunji made us Wine.
    Have a look at the LAUNCH event here


    Clay BLOCKO CARNIVAL COOLER takes the essence of our established and popular BLOCKO and added a carnival twist.  The all star ensemble DJ line up and performances by some of our top soca stars, as well as some of the legends from yesteryear is part of the reason the term “Blocko Wednesday” was coined and why this cooler fete is fast tracked to become a carnival season favorite. 

    • Look out for more Artistes being announced closer to the Event. 
    • To contact a Network Member or to Purchase tickets online 
    • See our gallery of last year’s event here

    See you at the CLAY BLOCKO CARNIVAL COOLER and On The Road!

    The CLAY Family